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Where sustainability, the environment and innovation meet


Now more than ever, businesses across the globe are committed to doing their part to protect our planet and its future. From implementing innovative initiatives and corporate-wide environmental policies to tackling the carbon crisis, leaders are serious about creating significant impact and change.

BCE Global - USA, a Bell Canada company, works to minimize the negative environmental impacts of our operations and create positive impacts through innovative programs. We consider sustainability an integral part of doing business, and it shows.

Taking action

BCE Global - USA seeks to adhere to clear policies and guidelines that define, measure and build on our actions as a leading corporate citizen in Canada’s critically important communications industry. As part of Canada’s largest communications company, we have been implementing and maintaining programs to minimize our environmental impact for over 25 years. Our environmental management system has been certified to be ISO 50001, making us the first Canadian telecommunications company to be so designated.

BCE Global - USA strives to save energy and reduce associated greenhouse gas emissions, among other targets. By increasing electricity efficiency at our facilities, reducing company vehicles’ fuel consumption and using business travel alternatives, we are taking action to reduce negative impacts on the environment.

BCE Global - USA endeavors to contribute to climate change mitigation in every aspect of our operations including environmental training to foster the proactive management of our environmental impacts, and a robust Network Infrastructure program that includes environmental assessment processes. What’s more, many of our sustainable buildings are BOMA BEST (Building Owners and Managers Association’s Building Environmental Standards) and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified.

The effectiveness of our environmental, social and governance programs are recognized around the world, as reflected in our inclusion in various sustainable indices and receipt of sustainability awards.

We not only aim to reduce energy consumption, but also generate renewable energy. In 2019 alone:

  • at least 56%1,2, of electricity we consumed was from renewable sources;
  • our network generated approximately 170,000 kWh of energy from solar and wind; and,
  • 307 tonnes of CO2 were saved by using hybrid photovoltaic-diesel power systems installed in Canada’s northern territories.

Innovation leads the way

Technology is ever evolving and empowers many aspects of business. This includes enabling key sustainability initiatives that are necessary for brighter, greener days ahead. Across industries, advanced technologies such as cloud, IoT, AI and big data are delivering the analytics and insights needed for smart deployments and environmental compliance. As we all continue to fight climate change, IoT services can help to optimize asset and fleet management, as well as smart buildings, cities, operations and fieldwork applications.

Many of our services and processes enable carbon abatement for BCE Global - USA and our clients,3 including the deployment of connectivity needed for video and audio-conferencing solutions that can help to reduce business travel. With cloud solutions and virtualization steering the way, businesses can make a difference in the global pursuit of lower-carbon economies and efficiencies.

Serious about change

With environmental sustainability at the core of our corporate responsibility approach, our team continually sets new targets and environmental objectives to tackle head-on significant environmental issues such as climate change and energy consumption, waste management, including electronic device recovery.

When your business demands an experienced partner with a focus on sustainability as you extend your reach up North, rest assured that we are serious about environmental innovation. Connecting more than just businesses, the our team provides critical infrastructure, innovative solutions and vital connectivity while employing essential practices of sustainability.

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1 Calculation based on data for 2016 from Electricity in Canada: Summary and Intensity Tables of the Canadian National Inventory Report (1990–2017), published April 15, 2019

2 Based on energy consumption data from October 1, 2018 to September 30, 2019

3 As demonstrated by the Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative

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