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Digital Private Line


A reliable, cost-effective way to extend your customers’ reach into Canada.

If your customers need dedicated, reliable transport across Canada and at key U.S. border crossings, our Digital Private Line service (DPLS) is for you. DPLS from BCE Global – USA is a point-to-point service that transports data, voice and video on a private, dedicated circuit using high-performance digital SONET network infrastructure. It lets you give your customers a reliable, economical way to connect all their locations across the country as if they were on the same local network.

Digital Private Line

BCE Global – USA’s Digital Private Line service provides extensive metro, inter-city, regional and national coverage across Canada as well as interconnection options between Canada and the U.S. It is available in multiple speeds (from DS-0 to OC-48) and diversity options to meet your customers’ performance and reliability requirements.

DPLS from BCE Global – USA lets you:

  • Deliver high-bandwidth private line reach to your customers
  • Meet your need for Canadian network infrastructure with high-performance point of presence (PoP) to PoP connectivity
  • Take advantage of best-in-class transport diversity in major on-net cities: at least two PoP’s are linked via BCE Global – USA’s metro fiber, ensuring the SONET infrastructure is always protected

DPLS from BCE Global – USA can be customized to meet your customers’ requirements. We offer:

  • Point-to-point, hub-and-spoke or multipoint configurations
  • The ability to build a series of point-to-point circuits on a single hub and backhaul to a central PoP
  • Channelized service options that reduce costs by aggregating traffic, avoiding the need for multiple low-speed circuits
  • Flexible pricing based on volume and speed

Learn more about our Digital Private Line services from your BCE Global – USA representative.

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Why choose BCE Global – USA?

BCE Global – USA provides national and international carriers and service providers with industry-leading voice, broadband and IP solutions from across Canada and key points in the U.S.

Our Digital Private Line service offers:


  • Extensive inter-city, regional and metro coverage across Canada
  • Ubiquitous reach within Canada territory
  • On-net transport and interconnection options between Canada and major carrier hotels in New York, Chicago and Seattle


  • One of Canada’s largest provider of mission-critical private line solutions to major carriers and large business customers around the world


  • SONET ring topology protection that keeps information flowing even if the ring is breached
  • 24/7 network support and monitoring, with a four-hour mean time to repair (MTTR)

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