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The secure, affordable way to connect your customer locations.

Help your customers securely and reliably connect all their sites – whether they’re located across the city or the country – with IP VPN service from BCE Global – USA. Delivered over Canada’s largest MPLS network, this WAN solution makes it easy to create virtual private networks for sharing voice, data and video traffic across Canada and into the U.S.

With flexible access and diversity options, you can easily extend your service presence no matter where your customers are located. You also benefit from five classes of service for prioritizing different kinds of traffic, each offering a choice of features, bandwidth options and performance guarantees.

Customer-managed IP VPN

With this option, you have complete control over your network and equipment. You can choose from two service packages:

  • Basic - you own and manage the customer edge router
  • Premium - you own and manage the router, while BCE Global – USA provides enhanced service level agreements and performance reporting

BCE Global – USA managed IP VPN

With this fully managed solution, we own and manage the end-to-end network plus all equipment and routers, including customer edge routers and customer premises equipment, on your behalf. This approach gives you access to the latest technology as well as our highly-trained IT resources.

With a BCE Global – USA managed IP VPN service, you can choose from a variety of site-type options depending on your needs:

  • High performance – offers the most features, bandwidth options, classes of service and performance guarantees
  • Enhanced – provides class of service and performance guarantees on lower speeds
  • Value DSL – offers secure Internet access to the MPLS network with best-in-class encryption methods and access speeds up to 1 Gbps

Learn more about our IP VPN services from your BCE Global – USA representative.

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Why choose BCE Global – USA?

BCE Global – USA provides access to an industry-leading MPLS network that allows you to cost-effectively create a secure, managed IP private network anywhere in Canada.

Our IP VPN service offers:


  • Access to the largest IP MPLS network in Canada, with expansive coverage throughout Canada


  • End-to-end managed diversity


  • 24/7 monitoring and technical support
  • A national single-point-of-contact help desk
  • Access to an extensive professional services team to help you design and implement your IP VPN solution


  • Services and technologies built on more than 140 years of experience as Canada’s first telecommunications company

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