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Canada: Where data sovereignty reigns supreme.

Posted July 19, 2020


As more companies expand their reach into Canada, the question of data sovereignty is becoming increasingly important. Outside threats are a growing concern and the implementation of various regulations worldwide—specifically in sectors like oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and defence—make it necessary for companies to consider how they send and store their sensitive data.

For wireline carriers, wireless service providers, Internet service providers, over-the-top providers, telcos and cablecos, choosing your partners wisely is more important now than ever.

What is data sovereignty and why does it matter?
National data policies are putting pressure on companies to carefully manage where they send and store their high-value data. Your customers are going to need your help to keep their data sovereign, especially in highly regulated and globally competitive sectors like government, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and defence. That’s where BCE Global – USA comes in.

BCE Global – USA’s transatlantic route: Direct, low latency access.

BCE Global – USA provides a fast and direct link to Canada’s largest fiber network, which provides coverage across the country and into key U.S markets. It also delivers low latency and redundancy to keep traffic flowing when every second counts (hello, gaming industry!).

More importantly, data can remain 100% in Canada on two diverse coast-to-coast routes, ensuring that companies can continue to grow—which is a far better place to be than in damage control mode.

Connect with us today.



diverse routes from coast to coast


data sovereignty within Canada


miles of fiber cables around the country (which would circle the globe 6 times)

Up to 10

Gbps bandwidth speeds through our Ethernet service

Up to 1/10/100

Gbps speeds through our Wavelength service


interconnection points globally


dedicated support professionals


help desk support

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