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Expand your voice portfolio quickly and cost-effectively.

Your top priority is to deliver reliable, scalable and flexible communications solutions to your customers. You’re also looking to quickly and cost-effectively expand your portfolio to include next-generation voice services so you can take advantage of new revenue opportunities. With BCE Global – USA, you can do both. Our flexible and customizable SIP solutions provide complete communications services that meet the needs of your customers while helping you enhance your brand and grow your market.

Wholesale Hosted PBX

Wholesale Hosted PBX from BCE Global – USA is a robust, reliable PBX platform delivered over our private and dedicated cloud-based infrastructure. As a fully managed service, there’s no need to own and service a PBX system and dedicated data connection. It’s also more than just carrier-grade PBX – it also includes unified communications and other advanced tools for a complete communications solution

With its powerful capabilities and fast turn-up time, Wholesale Hosted PBX helps maximize revenue potential, strengthen your brand and offer a cost-effective solution to business end users.

Choose from three flexible packages to meet your end users’ needs:

  • Basic - Suitable for users or locations where feature-rich services are not required (e.g., lobby, warehouse, analogue phone)
  • Standard - Ideal for users who are heavily reliant on communications to perform their day-to-day tasks
  • Premium - Designed for mobile users requiring a full suite of features and applications that can be quickly customized on demand

Each package is available in two versions: Full (one call path per package) or Lite (a shared pool of digital lines). You can also add an Auto-Attendant application to any package to help end users make a professional first impression to callers – without the need for a live receptionist.

You also get access to our multi-tenant SIP solutions portal. It allows you to map out end-user programming requirements, configure call management functions, order hardware, view invoice details and request support.

Note: Limitations apply when dialing 9-1-1 using Wholesale Hosted PBX services.

Wholesale SIP Trunking

Wholesale SIP Trunking from BCE Global – USA provides PSTN access over IP to conferencing and calling card providers, voice over IP providers and resellers, eliminating the need for dedicated Primary Rate Interface (PRI) connections.

Three categories of service are available:

SIP Origination

A one-way, ingress-only service that transports PSTN-originated calls from multiple rate centers and terminates them to your soft switch or media gateway using local direct inward dial (DID) numbers.

SIP Gateway

A two-way service which receives PSTN-originated calls and terminates them to your equipment and also terminates local (and, optionally, long distance) calls received from you to the PSTN.

Resale SIP Trunking

A fully managed, two-way service for non-facilities-based resellers of telecommunications services that is provisioned directly to the end user. Outbound local and long distance calls are terminated to the PSTN by BCE Global – USA.

All of our SIP Trunking solutions include access to an online portal that makes ongoing management easy. Through this portal you can map out end-user programming requirements, configure call management functions, place orders, open tickets, view DID inventory, download call detail records and more.

Note: Access to 9-1-1 is available only with Resale SIP Trunking service. Certain limitations apply.

Learn more about our SIP solutions services from your BCE Global – USA representative.

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Why choose BCE Global – USA?

BCE Global – USA provides industry-leading SIP solutions that help carriers establish long-term relationships with their customers – and add new recurring revenue with little to no start-up costs.

Our SIP solutions offer:


  • Access to a world-class network that delivers high speed and reliability for voice and collaboration applications


  • Services and technologies built on more than 140 years of experience


  • A one-stop shop for all your voice and data needs, including professional services and hardware
  • Support from an extensive team of voice professionals
  • A robust, user-friendly self-serve web portal for ordering and support

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