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Doing business in Canada:
It’s all about making the right connections

Posted July 19, 2020


With more global businesses opening offices in Canada—thanks to favourable tax rates, a strong economy and growing industries—the big question for everyone from international service providers to cablecos becomes: How can you best support your customers as they grow?

Partnering with an established Canadian vendor, like BCE Global – USA, is a smart move for a number of reasons. It will extend your reach, eliminate the cost of building new network infrastructure and provide access to geographically diverse areas— would you believe Canada spans 9.9million square kilometers?

However, not all service providers bring the same capabilities to the table. Here’s a quick checklist to keep in mind as you consider your options.

Choosing a Canadian partner: The essential checklist

How extensive is their network?
It’s important to choose a provider with a network reach that extends from coast to coast to coast to reach consumers across Canada.

Does their network comply with local regulations?
Data sovereignty is non-negotiable in many cases. The ability to keep data from travelling outside the country is an important factor in today’s highly regulated environment.

How easily can the service be scaled?
Your needs may change as business grows or as seasonal demands cause bandwidth requirements to spike, making scalability a key factor.

What tier is the network?
Tier 1 providers typically have large coverage areas as well as own, operate and control their own network infrastructure.

What type of professional support is available?
Local, certified support is key to help you implement services and provide ongoing support.

Is the network adaptive?
It should be simple to add, change or remove services and options as your customers’ business needs evolve.

What types of SLAs are provided?
Look for robust, comprehensive service level agreements to ensure that businesses can stay up and running.

Why choose BCE Global – USA?
Our comprehensive portfolio of wholesale products and services provides you with data sovereign, robust and scalable solutions to grow your markets. BCE Global – USA is the only local Tier 1 carrier that can support organizations with stringent reliability requirements over three routes spanning 240,000 km from coast to coast to coast. With that comes our advanced infrastructure, our high-performance solutions and our commitment to data sovereignty.

With our 52,000 team members we exemplifiy true Canadian traits – acceptance, respect and positivity – BCE Global – USA is committed to being a partner you actually look forward to doing business with!

We also believe that environmental protection is an integral part of doing business. Our parent company, Bell Canada, has been implementing and maintaining programs to reduce the environmental impact of their operations for more than 25 years. Bell’s environmental management system (EMS) has been certified to be ISO 14001-compliant since 2009 - the first Canadian telecommunications company to be so designated. Our diligent work to sustain this certification and our environmental protection performance in general, have been recognized by numerous external organizations.

Connect with us today.


37+ million


9.9 million

square kilometres


foreign businesses currently operating in the country


ongoing construction projects

610 billion

in manufacturing sales per year

22 billion

in annual sales in digital media

44 billion

in capital spending in oil and gas

106 billion

in annual revenue for the financial sector

56 billion

contributed to Canada’s GDP by the mining industry


140 years

Nearly 140 years of operation

19 million

Over 19 million subscribers

$4 billion

Capital investment in network, service and media innovation in 2018 (more than any other Canadian provider)

Top 100

One of Canada’s top 100 Employers

Best 50

One of Canada’s Best 50 Corporate Citizens

Over $100 million

In funding commitment to mental health programs

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